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Adrian Bologna

Art Director


Adrian’s tenure as the Art Director exemplifies his unwavering commitment to excellence. He not only sets the standard but also cultivates a vibrant creative culture that fuels our unparalleled creative process. With his innate ability to communicate visionary ideas to clients, Adrian becomes an indispensable asset in bringing a unique design perspective to complex creative challenges.

Embracing a philosophy that challenges the status quo, Adrian fervently believes in exploring multiple angles and discarding the notion that the first idea is always the right one. Through his unwavering pursuit of excellence, he consistently unearths innovative solutions that surpass expectations
and delivers exceptional results.

Whether entrusted with crafting a captivating Direct Mail piece, breathing life into an EDM, curating an engaging Newsletter, or fashioning a compelling Gifts in Wills pack, Adrian’s creative process is anchored in an unwavering dedication to understanding each client’s brand values and the profound nuances of their donor messaging. This meticulous approach ensures the creation of fundraising collateral that not only commands attention but also forges genuine connections and delivers tangible donor-centric results.

Adrian’s unparalleled ability to think beyond conventional boundaries has propelled him to spearhead over 500 transformative campaigns spanning over a decade for
non-profit organisations, solidifying his esteemed reputation
in the industry.

With Adrian at the helm, your organisation will unlock new dimensions of creative excellence.


You can contact Adrian by emailing

or by calling him on 0409 949 163

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