Data Intelligence

& Analytics

At Precision, data is at the heart of everything we do.


The ability to interpret and understand donor data is critical to successfully targeting and personalising your messages to ensure they resonate and inspire.

While data cannot tell us everything about your donors, it provides enormous insight and helps drive sound decision making. From basic segmentation through to complex individual Ask strategies, understanding your donors will help you optimize the impact of each and every touchpoint.


Precision’s data intelligence extends well beyond campaign strategy. We can also provide full data audits, scrutinising every aspect of your donor history, providing a comprehensive summary report as well as a detailed action plan with actionable insights, targets and specific plans to help you reach your goals.


Data analysis includes:

• Donor file health

• Donor Segments

• Donor clusters                                

• Donor profiling/propensity modelling

• Retention rates                                

• Reactivation rates

• Lifetime performance metrics                

• Budget allocation

• Revenue analysis (including gross revenue year on year, average gift,

   retention vs new, upgrades reactivation, by segment etc)

The Action plan puts in place specific goals for each area along with specific plans to help you reach and exceed your targets.