Get ready for

an inspiration overload!

Join us as we launch Inspire, an exciting series of webinars.
Learn from a stellar line-up of global fundraising legends including;

Ken Burnett, Simon Scriver, Lucy Gower, Kay Sprinkel Grace, Giles Pegram,

Leo Orland, Harvey McKinnon, Tony Myers, Jim Greenfield, Mark Phillips,

Bernard Ross, Terri Sheahan, Chris Keating, Francesco Ambrogetti, Stephen Pidgeon,

Mark Wiegerink, Alan Rosenspan, Michelle Berriman and Heather Hill.

First speaker commencing from Wednesday March 31st.

Sessions will be held every fortnight from 9am - 11am AEST via Zoom.

All registration fees will be donated to one of the attending charities!


In a twist on the Gold Coin donation, registration is just $50*, and 100% of registration fees will be donated back to one of the attending charities

It’s our way of giving back to the dedicated fundraisers attending this webinar series, and to the wonderful causes they represent.  


At Precision Fundraising, we are passionate about empowering fundraisers to be the best they can be. Whether that’s hosting professional development opportunities or developing collateral that engages and inspires donors to greater generosity.


In the end, it’s about connecting causes and the wonderful people who support them in ways that bring greater good into the world. 


* Minus the Eventbrite processing fees.


Our fundraising legends​

High Resolution Photo of Harvey.jpg

Harvey McKinnon

31st March 2021

Session 1 of 19:

Understanding how your donors think and feel.

Alan Rosenspan

7th April 2021

Session 2 of 19:

What non-profits can learn from profits. 

Kay Sprinkel Grace

19th May 2021

Session 5 of 19:

Transform Your Board Into a Fundraising Force:  The Essentials You Need to Know


Simon Scriver

21st July 2021

Session 9 of 19:

Connecting With Donors and Supporters in a Virtual World

Mark Wiegerink.jpg

Mark Wiegerink

15th September 2021

Session 13 of 19:

Title to be confirmed.

Lucy Gower

3rd November 2021

Session 17 of 19:

Title to be confirmed.

Tony Myers

9th June 2021

Session 6 of 19:

The Most Important 10 seconds in a Donor Conversation


Francesco Ambrogetti

4th August 2021

Session 10 of 19:

Hooked on a felling. How to make supporter’s brain remember and love your cause

Chris Keating.jpg

Chris Keating

29th September 2021

Session 14 of 19:

Masterclass on the Dialogue
Method of Direct Mail

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 2.17.17 pm.png

Terri Sheahan

17th November 2021

Session 18 of 19:

Title to be confirmed.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 9.17.00 am.png

Ken Burnett

21st April 2021

Session 3 of 19:

Campaigning fundraisers can change the world: but how should they be doing it, so they have most fun, gain most satisfaction and raise the most money for their cause?


Bernard Ross

23rd June 2021

Session 7 of 19:

The Donor Decision Lab: using behavioural science to engage supporters

Steven Pidgeon.png

Stephen Pidgeon

18th August 2021

Session 10 of 19:

Copy and creative that generates response because it pleases donors deeply

Michelle Berriman

6th October 2021

Session 15 of 19:

What being authentically you makes the most Impact


Giles Pegram

5th May 2021

Session 4 of 19:

Why is the experience we give our supporters so important?


Mark Phillips

7th July 2021

Session 8 of 19:

Donor centricity: How answering donor needs can dramatically improve your fundraising

James Greenfield pic.jpg

James Greenfield

1st September 2021

Session 12 of 19:

Donor Retention: How Using Gift Data Can Improve Your Fundraising Results

Heather Hill.jpg

Heather Hill

20th October 2021

Session 16 of 19:

The Key to Sustainable Success: Planning Your Fundraising Program

Leo Orland

1st December 2021

Session 19 of 19:

Title to be confirmed.

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