Our Approach

At Precision Fundraising, we believe in a lot of things: the joy of giving; the power of donor-centric communications and ethics in fundraising, among them. What we don’t believe in is a cookie cutter approach to fundraising. 

Experience has taught us that there is simply no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to fundraising campaigns.


Sure, there are many lessons to be learned from industry trends and wisdom, but each campaign – its case for support and its call to action – is unique. What works for one organisation may not work for another. What worked for your organisation last campaign may not be right for the next. 

That’s why at Precision Fundraising, we offer a bespoke strategy for each campaign: with every element designed to engage each donor segment in ways that will maximise results. 

We are results-driven and big on accountability. We are also genuinely passionate about the causes we are privileged to work with.