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CBM Australia


“Data modeling is important as a spine to your data strategy. It can predict everything from donor churn and ideal prospects the best source for acquiring new donors based on lifetime value.”

The cause

CBM Australia: improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest places on earth.

The brief

Develop a new bequest strategy to requalify existing and intending bequestors and acquire new prospective supporters.

The challenge

The strategy for this campaign would need to be informed by a thorough review of the existing program and GiW cultivation events and a database audit to identify prospective bequestors. We were also required to develop front and backend processes to deliver the program, including automation steps where appropriate.

Our strategy

The program strategy was around the following key pillars:

  • Lead generation: database insights and digital acquisition pathways to identify new bequest prospects.

  • Qualification: survey instruments and other tools (including telefundraising) to qualify GiW prospects.

  • Cultivation: donor engagement opportunities that cultivate these supporters. This included development of digital lead gen communications, and production of a new Prospect Pack and Welcome Pack

  • Motivation: communications that motivate supporters to include CBM Australia in their Will.

  • Engagement: enlistment events and other opportunities to engage one-on-one with prospects.

  • Stewardship: careful stewardship of already confirmed bequestors, including recognition opportunities.

The result

Acquisition response across all channels was more than 10,000 and almost 50% of these were acquired via a mix of mail and phone. Overall response rate across all channels was 35%+.


In its first months in market, the campaign generated some 4,500 new prospects with more than 1,700 of these qualified as ‘confirmed’ or ‘intending’.

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