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Our Promise

Our purpose is to help our clients make meaningful connections with donors and build a foundation for ongoing support.

Our approach to service provision is fundamentally based on partnership. We understand that we can achieve more when working as an extension of our client’s business, understanding their goals and business drivers, and always working collaboratively toward achieving shared goals. We communicate with honesty, respect, and integrity, support each other, and promote accountability throughout our organisation.


Ethical fundraising

Precision has been built on a foundation of ethics and accountability. As a long-term organisational member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia, our team members take serious commitment in abiding by the Fundraising Code of Conduct. We believe in ethical fundraising and integrity in business practices. We treat donors and beneficiaries of the causes we represent with respect, and we work collaboratively with fundraisers to achieve and exceed their goals.




We are proudly certified as a Sustainable Green print supplier (Print & Visual Communication Association of Australia). This certification recognises our commitment to waste reduction and recycling, and beyond-regulatory compliance for storage and handling. Our Environmental Management System includes 100% recycling of all production wastes, printing plates, pallets, electronic waste, and more. Where possible, we preference the purchase of renewable resources.



Environmental commitment

Precision Group is certified under ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and we are committed to measuring and minimising waste and pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions. We proactively implement sustainable practices that reduce the environmental impacts of our operations and help ensure a healthy business and social community and planet. Caring for the environment is in our DNA and we are committed to ongoing measurement and management of our environmental impacts.



Greenhouse gas emissions

We recognise that the largest contribution to CO2 emissions is electricity used in manufacturing. That’s why we have installed a 200kwh solar system at our manufacturing site in Somerton. At minimum output, this reduces our carbon footprint by 20%. To further minimise CO2 emissions, we favour digital meetings online, where possible. And when staff members fly, we purchase CO2 emissions offsets. We are currently working toward our goal for Carbon Neutrality by end of 2025.



Data privacy assured

Data security is critical for all individuals and in all sectors of business. It’s especially so in the world of fundraising. At Precision, we have the highest threshold of privacy protocols in place to protect the data of our clients, our staff, suppliers and donors. Precision Group is ISO 27001 compliant: the most widely adopted International Information Security Standard used by organisations all over the world. To protect credit and debit transactions against data theft and fraud, we are also compliant with the security standards under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Community Impact

This is the space to describe the service. Focus the description on how customers or clients can benefit from using this service: explain how it solves a problem, or makes life easier or more enjoyable.

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