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Are you sharing the love with your EOFY receipt mailing?

Updated: Jun 21

Just got your tax appeal out the door? Well, don’t relax quite yet! It’s time to turn your attention to sending out your EOFY receipts.

We encourage our clients to combine their EOFY receipts with a good dose of donor love. It’s the perfect opportunity to say a heart-felt thanks for their support over the last year and there plenty of ways to do this.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Show the impact

Include an impact report flyer to visually show the tangible impact of your donors’ generosity. Feature infographics, photos and quotes to help paint a picture of the profound difference they have made.

Tailor the impact

Put the donor at the centre of your mailing by tailoring the impact. If you can, highlight how they have specifically supported you over the last year, including featuring the direct appeals they have donated to.

Share a positive update

Everyone loves a good news story. So, consider highlighting a story from a past appeal and feature a positive update from the recipient of your support. How are they doing now? Do they have any happy life-updates to share? And even better, do they have a personal thank you message for your donors? A video linked to a QR code would be perfect! If you can’t source an update from a beneficiary, consider including a video message from the CEO or other organisational hero (researcher, frontline worker and so on).

No strings attached

It might go against the grain, but we recommend NOT including an ask in your EOFY receipt mailing. This is an ideal an opportunity to thank your wonderful donors, no strings attached. If you can’t help but include an ask, keep it soft, brief and appropriate for the context.

A final reminder

Effective fundraising is a long game. We know that ~80% of your income comes from 20% of your donors. From the very first touch point, you must steward your donors so they will eventually become part of the 20%. Key to effective stewardship is thanking as often as possible: we focus so much on getting the ask right, it’s easy to overlook this vital step. But when you have the long game in mind, thanking is just as important as the ask.

Still stuck for ideas? Our strategic and creative team can help! From clever copy to eye-catching design, we’re in our element creating concepts that connect with your donors and make them feel loved. Get in touch today to chat about your EOFY receipt mailing.



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