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10 Top tips for a tip top Tax Campaign

Updated: Jun 21

Often the biggest appeal of the year, it’s important to make the most of tax time with a well-executed and creative campaign.

We've worked with more than 150 charities on their tax appeals for over 15 years: what follows are just some of our learnings...

We hope you find them useful and they help you exceed all of your targets!

Tip 1 - Get the brief right

Whether you're executing your campaign in house, or enlisting the services of an external agency, your brief should clearly articulate the framework for your appeal.

Tip 2 - Timing is everything

When do you want your direct mail to hit letterboxes? If you're mailing two waves, you'll want to get in early enough to leave some breathing space between the two.

If you are supporting your DM through digital activity (as you should be), any planned advertising should begin at least 8 weeks before 30 June.

Tip 3 - Know your audience

Do you have a robust segmentation strategy for this appeal? What learnings from recent appeals could help you engage better with different segments? Do you have a focused strategy for communicating with your mid to major donors?

Tip 4 - Identify a strong case study

Many organisations struggle to identify someone willing to share their story. If so, think outside the box. Can you write a compelling story told from the perspective of a frontline staff member? or even a volunteer?

Tip 5 - Craft a compelling narrative

Donors response to storytelling that evokes an emotional response. They also respond best when they are at the centre of that story: aka Donor centric communications.

Tip 6 - Create a sense of urgency!

Tax appeals are deadline driven. Highlight the 30 June deadline throughout your appeal and don't forget to reference that their gift is tax deductible.

Tip 7 - Design collateral that engages and motivates

Aside from the appeal letter, response device and reply envelope, what other elements might engage your donors? Consider an eye-catching lift/brochure and other inclusions such as a bounce back or premium.

Tip 8 - Personalise where possible

Think more broadly that just name personalisation. For example: "we're reaching out to kind supporters like you in <suburb/city>." (Name personalisation also works particularly well on the life/motivation device.)

Tip 9 - Make giving easy

In today's digital world, direct mail should work seamlessly across platforms. Include a QR code to an appeal landing page on both the Letter and the RM. For older eyes or people with smartphones, ensure you also include your appeal page URL; make it as short and simple as possible.

Tip 10 - Treat mid to major donors differently

From experience, we know these donors respond best to an information rich pack and a transformation giving opportunity. Hyper personalise these packs: from premium envelope stock - ideally hand addressed and hand stamped - t a with comps slip, paper clipped to your letter.

If you need more information on any of the tips mentioned above or if you find it all too overwhelming, feel free to contact us. Our strategic and creative teams are here to help you with your pre-tax challenges.



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