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Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

“…the Vision Australia boxes were a huge hit! The team were stoked to open up and see the thank you notes, gifts and of course the Favourites! Please pass on thanks to the entire Vision Australia Team and we can’t wait to see the donations start flowing through from Monday Morning!”

A Petbarn Regional Manager

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

The cause

Seeing Eye Dogs, a division of Vision Australia, exists to enhance the mobility and independence of people who are blind or low vision by providing Seeing Eye Dogs, mobility training and rehabilitation services.

The corporate campaign

The Petbarn Foundation has been a corporate supporter of the annual Seeing Eye Dogs Appeal since 2014. Through its in-store promotions, Petbarn encourages its team members and customers to raise funds to help cover the cost of breeding, training and caring for Seeing Eye Dogs.

The brief

To develop and despatch a Campaign Pack to every Petbarn store across Australia (225) prior to the commencement of the annual Petbarn Foundation Seeing Eye Dogs appeal.

The challenge

To create a pack that would be engaging, informative, and visually appealing. The pack would need to communicate the organisation’s gratitude to all Petbarn staff who solicit donations during July, to provide them with information and tips to encourage donations, and to show them how their support helps to train pups and change the lives of people who are blind or have low vision.

Our strategy

We anchored this campaign on celebrating the 10-year partnership and delivering a pack that would resonate with team members on a personal level.  This strategy was designed to motivate team members to ramp up their participation in the campaign and boost in-store donations. We developed a curated package that would ignite a spark of excitement within teams that would both educate and energise them to ask customers to donate. We provided each team with items that would promote camaraderie and enthusiasm, and messages that expressed SEDA’s heartfelt appreciation.

Creative solution

The outer packaging was designed not only as a container to house the contents, but as an extension of the campaign partnership. We incorporated the organisation’s and Petbarn's signature colors throughout the packaging, and developed a pack that ensured that every step of the unboxing experience was unique and memorable for the Petbarn team.

The result

The campaign target was $900,000. Due to Petbarn staff member’s unprecedented enthusiasm and support for the annual appeal, it raised a record $1.35 million: $500,000 more than the previous year. It also significantly strengthened the relationship between the organisation and this generous corporate partner and their team members.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

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