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St John WA

St John WA

precision fundraising

“In seeking to acquire new donors, testing and honing of data sources, demographic selections, creative and communication channels are key to driving for better returns.”

The Brief

Deliver a second acquisition campaign to hone prospect selection and banker pack creative.

The Challenge

St John Giving was in its infancy. From a base of zero donors, we had conducted their initial acquisition campaign and this second campaign would need to build on the learnings from that first activity. Key objectives were to identify new sources of data to engage via multiple channels, to identify best performing channels and/or mix of channels, and to drive a higher response rate.

Our Strategy

As we do with all donor campaigns, we adopted a ‘test measure and improve’ approach. Central to measuring the performance of back-to-back campaigns, we rolled out a ‘Leader’ Vs ‘Challenger’ creative concept. Delivery channels: direct mail and digital (eDMs, Facebook, Instagram & paid search). All aspects of the project were managed in-house.

What we tested

Two different data providers. Five different data sources. A/B split test on outer envelope: branded Vs unbranded


  • Drove up response rate by more than THREE times higher than the 1st mailing

  • Obtained key donor demographic insights

  • Identified best-performing data sources and channels

  • Achieved average gift of $59.33

  • On the best performing data source, achieved a 3.26% response rate

precision fundraising

St John WA

precision fundraising
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