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The one-stop shop
for fundraisers

Precision Fundraising works in partnership with fundraisers like you to deliver unique and powerful communications to attract and retain life-long donors.

We bring your organisation and supporters together in ways

that engage and inspire — so their generosity can bring greater good into the world. Everything we do is focussed on one goal: connecting causes that matter… with people who can make a difference.

And because Precision is a one-stop shop, we are the only partner you will need for donor-centric direct mail, digital communications… and more.

The biggest challenge faced by fundraisers today is donor loyalty. And the biggest failure is that many organisations lack real commitment to donor-centric fundraising.”

– Leo Orland: Senior Strategist
   Precision Fundraising

About Us

The only supplier of end-to-end
solutions for donor communications.
All under the one roof.

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Graphic Design

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Data Intelligence

& Analytics

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Mail and


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Print and


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Digital Marketing

and Automation

Our specialist Fundraising agency now encompasses strategic counsel and the best of donor-centric communications.

End-to-end Solutions

Donor-centric communications

• Acquisition         • Stewardship         • Retention

Recruiting Donors

Our acquisition strategies have helped to recruit thousands of donors for causes across the nation. We can work with your team to develop just the right campaign to bring your amazing cause to the attention of a new generation of donors.

  • List acquisition (DM/EDM)

  • Self-mailer inserts

  • Unaddressed mail

  • Press / digital campaigns

  • Community events

  • Corporate events

  • Telemarketing

  • Face-to-face fundraising

  • Tribute & in memory giving

  • Membership drives

  • Donor prospecting

Engaging Donors

You know that feeling when you read a compelling appeal and think:

“wow – I’d respond to that ask.” ? That’s the reaction we strive for in all our donor collateral. We start by creating rock-solid, insight-based concepts and build on them with engaging copy and design.

  • Annual appeals

  • Regular giving

  • Welcome journeys

  • Impact reports

  • Annual reviews

  • Newsletters

  • Gifts in Wills

  • Engaging videos

  • Social content

  • Merchandise sales

Keeping Donors

Donor stewardship is critical if you are serious about retention. And you should be! Research shows you need to recruit five (5!) new donors to replace an existing donor. We can help you nurture stronger relationships with your supporters through donor-centric communications that build loyalty.

  • Supporter journeys

  • On-boarding campaigns

  • Second gift strategies

  • Stewardship programmes

  • Upgrading insights

  • Retention strategies

  • Gift in Wills pathways

  • Thank-you comms

  • Donor development

Learn how we approach every campaign

Why us for your next campaign?

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Bespoke strategy and
campaign elements.
Every time.

​Fundraisers tell us they are weary of the cookie-cutter approach. We hear you! At Precision, every element of each campaign is tailored to speak to your donors in

a way that will maximise results and minimise spend. A customised campaign delivered on-time, and on-budget.

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From concept…
to your donor’s hand.
All in-house.

Dealing with multiple suppliers can be frustrating, and costly. Precision is the only supplier of end-to-end solutions for donor communications.

All under the one roof. From concept and design, to print and lodgement. (Think faster turnaround and more affordable campaigns.)

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As involved as
you want us to be.
It’s your call.

​Fundraising is a dynamic environment that demands a flexible approach. Work with us and you choose the mix of services that best complements your team. Copy and design only? Expert data analysis, print & lodgement services? Or full campaign management including gift processing? It’s your choice.

why icons-4.png

that get noticed.

Keeping your donors engaged and motivated to support your cause is challenging. It’s a crowded market place and you need to stand out. Precision will help you to do just that. We offer a range of flexible printing solutions including in-house offset and digital print as well as high quality stock and finishes.

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Innovation at your
fingertips. Maximise
your potential.

​Are you making the most of new and emerging technologies?

At Precision, we are constantly innovating how we do what we do. With access to the latest data and print technology, we can help to revolutionise your donor communications program through superior data analytics and ground-breaking automation.

Our Work

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​Precision Group Australia

83-89 Freight Drive,

Somerton, Melbourne,

Victoria, Australia, 3061

+61 (03) 9490 1500

Precision Fundraising is

a proud member of the FIA.

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We strive to provide you with

the best possible service every time.

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